Simulator restrictions

The simulator has a number of limitations that make it work similar to the real trading:

  • Maximum size of the open position is limited by 100 lots to bid or ask.
  • There is no starting capital — the limit for a maximum position serves this role.
  • If your strategy losses reach -100000 on any day, the simulator closes the position and stops trading.
  • Fee for each traded lot is 8. For example, if your strategy makes 2000 deals with 5000 as a total number of traded lots, your fee is 8 * 5000 = 40000.
  • Round-trip equals to 10 microseconds. This is the time period from a moment you want some action (to add or to remove an order) to perform, to the moment when it is actually done.
  • The strategy simulation can not run on a single day longer than 20 minutes.
  • At the end of the trading day the simulator closes your position automatically. In case your strategy makes large number of deals during a day that will be just another convenience.
  • Orders count is limited by 2000000 per day.

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