Strategy running

This chapter describes the execution of your strategy:

We will assume, that your strategy and folder are called user_strategy. Read here about creating new strategies.

Execution in the command line

You need to:

  • compile all the strategies you have:


    It will create libraries for your strategies in the build folder.

  • run a simulation.

    ./ user_strategy

Run from CLion

To launch simulation in CLion you need to:

  • specify executable file:

    open Run > Edit configurations, specify executable file in the root of directory as Executable:

    • mac_launcher for macOS
    • windows_launcher for Windows
    • linux_launcher for Linux
  • specify path to your configuration file in the arguments of command line:

    in the same tab Run > Edit configurations you need to fill Program arguments with relative path to configuration file of your strategy. For example:

  • start building the project and simulating strategy by pressing Run button.

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