There's a vast interface for the strategy analysis on the submission page. Basic sections of the page are:

Common results

“Common results” table shows overall evaluation of the strategy or each parameter set if you are using parameter tuning.

The strategy is evaluated according to this formula:

SCORE = AVG — (STD / 10.0) + min(0, MIN_INTRADAY_RESULT) / 5.0
  • AVG — average strategy score calculated on all of the days (taking fee of 8 per lot into account).
  • STDstandard deviation of result on all sample days.
  • MIN_INTRADAY_RESULT — the minimum result of the strategy that was reached at any given moment during a day (not necessarily at the close of the trading session), among all of the days.

Click “Details” in a table row to get particular values of these components.

Results by day

“Results by day” table shows results of the strategy or selected paramset by day providing some additional information:

  • charts of your strategy.
  • logs — link to the archive with files of your strategy's logs, order and deal lists.
  • viewer — an opportunity to get the visualization of virtual trading, i.e. trading with your participation.
  • stdout — standard output of the strategy and simulator.

Statistics by day

“Statistics by day” table shows some more strategy properties for each day.


  • min_result / max_result — the minimum / maximum result of the strategy during a day.
  • our_deals_count — the number of deals made by the strategy.
  • our_deals_volume — the total volume of deals made by the strategy.
  • result — the final result of the strategy at the end of the trading day.
  • transactions_count — the number of transactions (order additions and deletions) made by the strategy.
  • fee — the total fee of the strategy.
  • work_time — the net time period of the simulation in seconds excluding preparation expenses.

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